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Covid-19 alert system: the Italian solution for a contact tracing app

Italy regulates the ”Covid-19 Alert System”, a platform for a ”contact tracing app”, with Article 6 of DECREE-LAW No. 28 of 30th April 2020 on ”Urgent measures for the functionality of the interception systems of conversations and communications, further urgent measures in the matter of penitentiary regulations, as well as supplementary and coordination provisions in the field of civil...

Contact tracing and privacy: European digital sovereignty but without ethics

This contribution has been published on Broadband 4 Europe here. If you are interested, you can download the PDF file at the end of this article.         Chronology of events and documents Contact tracing between awareness and unaware digital sovereignty Contact tracing and ethics     1.   Chronology of events and documents During the last month, i.e. since the focus...

Contact tracing e privacy: sovranità digitale europea ma senza etica

Il contributo è stato pubblicato oggi su Key4biz a questa pagina. Chi fosse interessato può scaricare il contributo in PDF in fondo alla pagina.         Cronologia degli eventi e dei documenti Contact tracing tra consapevolezza e sovranità digitale inconsapevole Contact tracing e etica 1.   Cronologia degli eventi e dei documenti Nel corso dell’ultimo mese, e cioè da...

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