Coronavirus emergency and privacy: valid the juridical approach to the GDPR

The contribution has been published today by Broadband 4 Europe, here. 1.   Introduction As is it well-known, the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has profoundly changed our life, habits, communication and interaction between people, ways of working, etc. In essence, we are experiencing a situation that appears surreal because of the consequent behavioural rules that we are obliged to respect with...

Data Protection Awareness – Newsletter

Ho pensato che potesse essere interessante raccogliere in una newsletter settimanali le principali notizie in materia di protezione dei dati personali e privacy che sono pubblicate sul canale Telegram correlate ai temi attuali e alle nuove frontiere, quali ad esempio l’intelligenza artificiale, e alle tendenze sulla cybersecurity. Ritengo che possa essere anche utile avere i riferimenti relativi...

GDPR one year later: awareness firstly

After one year, many people make evaluations, while others forecast or organise events. My purpose is not celebratory but purposeful and prodromal: what are the aspects concerning the protection of personal data on which it would be appropriate to reflect and which deserve further investigation? One of the most relevant aspects is undoubtedly the “awareness” that it means “to...

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