Fine anno 2021

ePrivacy Regulation: the current Perspective

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7 December 2021 路 13 min 路 NicFab
Fine anno 2021

Contact tracing and privacy: an oxymoron. Any technical solution is neutral compared to privacy laws

The content of this post is available in PDF for download here: document.addEventListener("adobe_dc_view_sdk.ready", function(){ var adobeDCView = new AdobeDC.View({clientId: "c33d8a4afde845f189fbfa8c894b6d95", divId: "adobe-dc-view"}); adobeDCView.previewFile({ content:{location: {url: ""}}, metaData:{fileName: "fabiano-COVID19-Privacy-ossimoro-EN.pdf"} }, {embedMode: "SIZED_CONTAINER"}); }); 1. Chronology of events During the last month, i.e. since the focus has increased on the incidence of the COVID-19 pandemic with respect to personal data protection, we have witnessed the publication of the following main measures issued by some institutional bodies:...

14 April 2020 路 16 min 路 NicFab
Fine anno 2021

Coronavirus emergency and privacy: valid the juridical approach to the GDPR

The contribution has been published today by Broadband 4 Europe, here. 1. Introduction As is it well-known, the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has profoundly changed our life, habits, communication and interaction between people, ways of working, etc. In essence, we are experiencing a situation that appears surreal because of the consequent behavioural rules that we are obliged to respect with social distancing to fight the battle of COVID-19. This pandemic situation, which in addition to Italy is leading many other states to adopt the most appropriate prevention measures, also entails a series of questions regarding the protection of personal data with which one must confront....

19 March 2020 路 11 min 路 NicFab
Fine anno 2021

Best Paper Award - The Meaning of Accountability, Responsibility and Liability in the GDPR: Proposal for an Ontology

For the second consecutive year, I participated in 鈥淭he Eleventh International Conference on Evolving Internet - INTERNET 2019鈥, organised by the International Academy, Research, and Industry Association (IARIA) which was held in Rome from June 30th to July 4th 2019. Furthermore, my participation was also as the chair of the special track 鈥淩AIEDP: Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Data Protection鈥 together with my colleague Filippo Bianchini (co-chair). I presented the contribution entitled 鈥淭he Meaning of 鈥楢ccountability鈥, 鈥楻esponsibility鈥 and 鈥楲iability鈥 in the GDPR: Proposal for an Ontology鈥....

22 August 2019 路 2 min 路 NicFab
Fine anno 2021

GDPR one year later: awareness firstly

After one year, many people make evaluations, while others forecast or organise events. My purpose is not celebratory but purposeful and prodromal: what are the aspects concerning the protection of personal data on which it would be appropriate to reflect and which deserve further investigation? One of the most relevant aspects is undoubtedly the 鈥渁wareness鈥 that it means 鈥渢o have exact consciousness about himself鈥. Among the principles laid down in the GDPR, the 鈥渁ccountability鈥 (art....

26 May 2019 路 5 min 路 NicFab