Covid-19 alert system: the Italian solution for a contact tracing app


Italy regulates the ”Covid-19 Alert System”, a platform for a ”contact tracing app”, with Article 6 of DECREE-LAW No. 28 of 30th April 2020 on ”Urgent measures for the functionality of the interception systems of conversations and communications, further urgent measures in the matter of penitentiary regulations, as well as supplementary and coordination provisions in the field of civil, administrative and accounting justice and urgent measures for the introduction of the Covid-19 alert system”, published in the Italian Official Journal (Gazzetta Ufficiale) n. 111 of 30th April 2020 and in force from 1st May 2020.

It is a further addition to the colourful mosaic of contact tracing apps that deserves some consideration, partly because of the extensive debate in recent weeks.



If you are interested, you can download the PDF file with the entire contribution.

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Nicola Fabiano

Nicola Fabiano, Avvocato cassazionista, Specialista in Diritto Civile, si occupa di protezione dei dati personali, privacy, cybersecurity, IoT, blockchain, innovazione.
Nicola Fabiano is an Italian Lawyer, entitled to represent clients before the Italian High Courts, Civil Law Specialist, and he deals with Data Protection, Privacy, IoT, Blockchain, Cyber Security, innovation.

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