Call for papers – New frontiers of Data Privacy and Protection in a data-driven society 2020 – NFDPP

La call for papers (CFP) “New frontiers of Data Privacy and Protection in a data-driven society 2020 – NFDPP” fa riferimento ad una “Invited Session” ospitata dalla “The 11th International Multi-Conference on Complexity, Informatics and Cybernetics: IMCIC 2020” che si terrà a Orlando, Florida, USA dal 10 al 13 marzo 2020. Per partecipare, inviare abstract e paper, nonché per...

Neurotalk-2020: another challenge

NEUROTALK – 2020 is one of the leading international conferences on neuroscience. The 11th Annual World Congress is on the new horizons in this sector, and it will be held in Singapore on May 2020; the title is “Lifting Toward a New Horizon of Neuroscience“. Despite being an international congress dedicated to in-depth studies on neuroscience, I will be present, having accepted...

Neurotalk-2020: un’altra sfida

NEUROTALK – 2020 è una delle principali conferenze internazionali sulle neuroscienze. Nel mese di maggio 2020 a Singapore si terrà l’11° Congresso annuale (The 11th Annual World Congress) dedicato ai nuovi orizzonti in questo settore; il titolo è “Lifting Toward a New Horizon of Neuroscience”. Nonostante sia un congresso internazionale dedicato agli approfondimenti sulle neuroscienze, sarò...

Best Paper Award – The Meaning of Accountability, Responsibility and Liability in the GDPR: Proposal for an Ontology

Per il secondo anno consecutivo ho partecipato alla “The Eleventh International Conference on Evolving Internet – INTERNET 2019“, organizzata dalla International Academy, Research, and Industry Association (IARIA) che si è tenuta a Roma dal 30 giugno al 4 luglio 2019. Peraltro, la mia partecipazione era anche nella qualità di chair della special track “RAIEDP: Robotics...

8th International Conference on e-Democracy: Call for papers (deadline extended)

I am honoured to be a member of the Program Committee of the 8th International Conference on e-Democracy that will be held in Athens on 12-13 December 2019. Below the official communication. Spread the information the about the conference.   Dear colleagues, Due to numerous requests from potential authors, the submission deadline of 8th International Conference on e-Democracy: Safeguarding...

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